5 December 2022

Packing for the next six weeks

After days of procrastination, I began to get my stuff together to start “packing”. I’ll keep you posted on stuff I need that I can no longer get because I’ve left it too late. Follow me on Twitter to get updates. L

A tourist in my own city

We’ve had some great weather in Sydney the last few weeks and as a shift worker, I was able to take up the opportunity to practice being a tourist to be in prep for the next few weeks. I took the Manly Ferry into the city and blended in with the foreigners, taking photos at […]

Preparing the Blog!

Welcome to the updated Blog site. As you can see, I have redesigned the theme and all is in readiness for my trip. Four more days at work, then the start of my six week journey around the world can begin!! Very excited to catch up with all my mates that have moved overseas! Follow […]

The Adventure Begins 12 September

It is now less than a month until I jet set off on my Europe & American holiday. I am off on 12 September, heading to Abu Dhabi for a couple of nights before getting into London to start my Europe leg of my trip. Spending three weeks in Europe then continuing onto America! I’ll […]