31 March 2023

Driving Italy: The tight squeeze on Amalfi Coast roads

The roads are narrow and you have to contend with vespas and buses going in both directions, testing your patience.

After I had my fun driving through Tuscany, this was the day that Dan definitely had been waiting for – the Amalfi coast.

DAY 6: Amalfi Coast

The 50 kilometre stretch of road from Salerno to Sorrento, can be quite stressful for drivers and requires a great deal of patience. The roads are narrow, and you have to contend with vespas, and buses – going in both directions! It makes for jams and tight squeezes, and expect a queue when two buses come face to face and need to reverse back.

A stressed driver won’t get the best of the coast with most of their energy spent concentrating on manoeuvring their vehicle – but don’t let me completely talk you out of it. I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge and there are enough stops along the way for a momentary stop, destress and picture opportunity.

Several towns, like Maiori and Positano have reasonably priced parking, so definitely make the most of those stops to have a coffee, stroll and possibly some lunch.

The coastline is amazing. Blue water and villas on the hills. Amidst the chaos on the roads, there was a calmness and relaxed atmosphere in the small towns.

We drove from the port city, Solerno to Sorrento, and based ourselves on the more westerly location for two nights. It was a great place to unwind. The city was about a 15-minute walk from Londra hostel, where we stayed.

It’s a little bit out of the main area compared to other hotels and hostels but away from some of the busyness. I managed to find a car spot on the main street, where I could park for the two days, and just relax.

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