10 December 2023

Driving Italy: Mindless wandering at Bari

There honestly wasn’t that much to do.

DAY 9: Bari and on to London

Not going to lie… we didn’t find much to do in Bari. We wondered the streets from mid morning until the afternoon. Much of the (minimal) action was based in a central business district that covered a few square blocks around the town hall.


So after a bit of a walk, we decided to hop in the car and head a little further south as we had a full day to explore before our late-evening flight.

There was even fewer things to do in Monopoli and we got as far south as Brindisi, which was also mostly shut – maybe because it was middle afternoon and siesta time. We were back zooming up the motorway and on to the airport to catch a 21:45 flight home to London and then working out how to make our dreaded way in to town.

The payoff for cheap flights are that they tend to arrive and depart London at the extreme ends of the day. This particular RyanAir journey got us in at 23:40. That and along with the three/four other planes due made going through border control a nightmare. Patience is the greatest virtue in these cases but when you’re also desperately trying to pass through midnight to get the last direct bus in to town, the pressure is on. It can be the ultimate struggle.

I did discover (and shall be using the service when is available) a direct bus to London-Kings Cross! Most coaches from Stanstead airport terminate at either Victoria or Liverpool Street. It is confusing for those entering the first time, but my tip is definitely check out where you are staying and align with the closest stop because at that time of night, ‘winging it’ incorrectly can cost you dearly.

So here ends the 9 day trip around Italy. Apart from the shock cost of tolls and petrol, driving was thoroughly worth it. Check out the tips I’ve posted on the Driving Italy as well as my top 5 highlights.

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