1 October 2023

Meet the superheroes

UK broadcaster, Channel 4’s advertisement titled “Meet the Superhumans” set a new standard in promoting the Paralympic movement.

An image from the "superhumans" advertisement that ran during the London 2012 Paralympic games

The 2012 London Paralympic Games was a defining event in the movement’s history, partly because of the television coverage it received from UK broadcaster, Channel 4. In the lead up to and during The Games, a station promo titled “Meet the Superhumans” advertised its coverage – setting a new standard.

The 90 second long film was broadcast at 9.00pm on Tuesday 17 July 2012, concurrently across 78 different UK television channels, including all of Channel 4’s networks, ITV1, Five, Sky One, Eurosport and all of UKTV’s channels.

Set to the track, Harder Than You Think by hip hop legends, Public Enemy, the film showcases the abilities of some of the leading UK Paralympians, represents some of the unique stories behind the elite athletes, and shows the herculean efforts that have gone into their preparation for the Games.


The Meet The Superhumans campaign was developed at 4 Creative by director/creativeTom Tagholm, producer Gwilym Gwilym, producer Rory Fry, director of photography Luke Scott, production designer Will Htay, casting director Julie Tomkins, costume designer Wiz Francis, location manager Algy Sloane, production manager Simon Maniora, business director Olivia Browne.

Editor was Tim Hardy at Stitch Editing.

Post production was done at Moving Picture Company, London, by VFX producer Tim Phillips, VFX supervisor Michael Gregory, VFX team Michael Gregory, Byron Woofinden, Ryan Hadfield, Matthew Unwin, Oliver Caiden, Samantha Meisels, Anthony Bloor, Jim Spratling, colorist Jean-Clement Soret.

Sound was designed at Envy by Rich Martin.

The shoot took place over 14 days, utilising 5 different cameras in locations across the country from the Sheffield Aquatics centre to Lee Valley Athletics Centre to the Olympic stadium, and the home of the Paralympics: Stoke Mandeville.

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