31 January 2023

Miniatur Wunderland is more than for the transport enthusiasts

You could actually spend hours looking at the extensive detail that has gone into the design.

model road way and airport car park at miniatur wunderland in hamburg

I have a confession I need to make so you can understand the context of this post – it is a secret that I have been harbouring my whole life with great embarrassment.

Only a handful of my most trusted friends know that I am a public transport enthusiast.


Not just a liking to riding trains, planes and buses but I am at the level where I spent TWO sessions to complete the London transport museum, and I have a year’s pass as well.

Now that I have that off my chest, I can share with you the excitement of being at Hamburg’s Miniatur Wunderland.

The place is the dubbed as the largest model railway in the world, and upon entry, you can gauge how many people are shocked to see how big the set up actually is.

Divided into 8 sections it now has more than 13,000 meters of track, 930 trains, 335,000 LED lights and 215,000 figurines (2010 numbers)!

You could actually spend hours looking at the extensive detail that has gone into the design. A football stadium is occupied by individually hand-crafted figures, likewise offices are occupied by promiscuous actors, and my favourite has to be the television studio with news presenter broadcasting stories of actual events seen elsewhere in the model city including ‘eyewitness’ interviews!

IMG_7000 IMG_6946
IMG_7003 IMG_1134
Perhaps what is the most marvelled is the model airport with planes taking off and landing as well.

Dare I say that even the most sceptical of you will also enjoy this model theme park – or at least giggle when someone walks in and says, “What is this? A centre for Ants?”


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