31 March 2023

Special: Educational Europe

Some of the lessons learnt in my travels around Europe.

Part of Laurie’s trip was to embark on an educational experience. I had learnt many things last time I was in Europe, but there was more things to learn (and some things re-learn). So in no particular order here are things that I discovered that I feel obliged to pass on about traveling in Europe:

– Always bring an injured or elderly person with you to an airport, or even better, an infant. If you don’t have one… Find one for the purposes of getting to the front of a queue.
– Australians are EVERYWHERE. Generally more are located where there is a high consumption of alcohol involved.
– If in any doubt, look left AND right when crossing the street. Then look ahead of you and behind… and just to be safe, above you as well.
– If you think you aren’t going to be hit by a car, you will probably be hit by a bike. Much to the dislike of the rider. And despite how injured you are, as a pedestrian it is your fault.
– If you are pre warned by a bell… The rider must like you.
– Cars have right of way over pedestrians. Bikes have right of way over pedestrians. Pedestrians have right of way over plants… And the odd pet, but only if it’s on a leash.
– Just because you speak English, doesn’t make you popular amongst locals (or tour guides)
– Travelling kiwis do not like being called Poms or being mistaken for Poms (oops)
– Trains run on time
– Speaking in a French accent, is not speaking French
– H&M is awesome

These things that have amused me and still do:
– The Piccadilly line ends at Cockfosters – need I say more?

The things that confuse me:
– Yes can be shortened to yeah, yeh and yah… But where do the Scottish get ‘aiiii’ from?

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