10 December 2023

Say Good-bai to Dubai

… and Abu Dhabi (but there isn’t a stupid pun for that)

An hour bus ride back to Abu Dhabi where Etihad are based bound for London. The Abu Dhabi airport was the quietest airport I have ever gone through. Getting there two hours before departure as required, I checked in with two other people. No lines at security, and generally the usual busyness non-existent. The speed at which I was leaving the UAE was most deceiving as I was about to find out…

On a side thought, I was, however, left to wonder what made the UK so special that passengers had to be checked just to sit in the waiting area at the gate?

It was made even worse when on arrival at Heathrow. Walking up from the exit gate to Passport and border security, you could be forgiven if you thought the UK didn’t want foreign visitors that flew on economy class. A line for UK and Euro national passport holders, one Fast-track line for first and business class, then one line that went around about 5 times in the main room, and continued out the door, up two double doors, then turned up and headed up two more corridors, virtually to a point that was closer to the plane’s exit gate. And after collecting bags as well it took two hours to exit the airport. Joined the line at 6:15pm, on the tube to Hammersmith and then bus into Fulham (where I am staying) finally arrived at 9:30pm. Pub at 9:40pm. Good times.

And I am now up to speed with my trip.
Off to explore London then tickets to a show tonight.

Stay tuned.

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