10 December 2023

London Calling

Coming out of Heathrow airport I equipped myself with the London Oyster card and began making my way to Fulham. That night, I was treated to the worst comedy show I’d seen. Told it was a headline act, it was hardly anything to rave about, it was the “crowd participation” (heckling) that saved the so called comedian from a completely deadly silence. Aside for this minor entertainment fault, it was a momentous occasion of having my first European drink on this tour. And one not tasted since January 2008 when I was last in London.

I wasn’t so keen on doing all the “touristy” activities as I had done most in my last visit, but I did spend my second day walking around Green park – in the slight chance a Royal would invite me in. I had planned to invite Harry to a BBQ Hamish and Andy style, but myself and the crowds were only blessed to see a car drive through the Palace gates that resembled an important car – for a split second it did send people into a rush to take that paparazzi shot. But that didn’t impress me, I soon discovered when I walked across the park I was on a bigger photographic mission – to capture a squirrel. Yes, I turned into one of those embarrassing tourists that quickly grabbed a digital or phone camera in the hope that these pests would in fact be close enough to you when it looked up at the lens for a perfect shot.

My best effort is on display for all to see

Stupid tourist chasing Squirrel at Green Park

I guess my invite to the Prince was a bit farfetched, but with the shot of a squirrel, I thought I had achieved something that morning. A walk up to Trafalgar Square via the Barracks was an inevitable detour when you don’t know your way around and don’t carry a map. But off I went on the tube to explore the next destination – the London Museum.

The museum, which I think should be called “what white man stole from the colony” was quite fascinating. I found out that I am not a very big museum person, but I did find the currency and clock exhibition quite interesting. Probably because I neither have money nor time. It was about 3pm at the time and a quick dart to Covent Gardens was possible before my appointment at the theatre. Convent Gardens was one of my favourite places last time I visited and it didn’t disappoint. Street performers performing magic and tricks were impressive, pictures below.

Street Performer at Covent Garden
Best Street Performance!

From Covent Garden it was navigating the peak hour commuters to get to Victoria to see Billy Elliott. What more could be said – it was a great show.

The next day was a bit of a go-slow. Quick shop at Covent Gardens and Oxford Circus, then a pub crawl in the night.

More to come. Stay tuned.

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