1 October 2023

First stop Abu Dhabi and Dubai

After 14 hours in the air, three movies (Rio, Pirates of the Caribbean and Kung Fu Panda) and a very tight seating arrangement, I arrived at my first international destination.

Going into land the onboard information said the outside temperature was 30 degrees at 10:40pm and as I walked off the plane and into the airport terminal I could really feel the heat and humidity!

I was scheduled to arrive just before midnight, but my plane managed to get in an hour early. As excited as I was about the prospect of getting some extra sleep, it was of no benefit with the connecting Etihad bus service from Abu Dhabi to Dubai Marina Mall did not arrive for another hour and a half.

Air conditioning on the bus trip was a life-saver.

I’ve now been up for nearly 21 hours, looking forward to ‘tourist-it-up’ around Dubai during daylight hours.

I think  I will absorb as much heat as I can before tackling Europe’s autumn.

Stay tuned for more updates from the Emirates


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