1 October 2023

Did someone say “market”?

Camden reminded me a lot of Sydney’s Newtown with it’s alternative to mainstream culture. The markets have somewhat turned into a tourist attraction, plenty of people, banks and foreign money exchanges.


There are three distinguished market locations with shops a plenty along the roads between them. Clothing and food stalls dominate the area, but also miscellaneous merchandise (authentic and commercial) scattered between. Something that struck me were the two or three employed to hold signs promoting tattoo galleries and the number of cafes that sold shisha.

I think the weirdest (?) thing that I came across was the Cyberdog – a shop for all your raving needs. Still racking my brain on how/why a toddler would need a fluro rave shirt… But I guess it takes all sorts.

The setting of the marketplace also adds to the Camden Marketplace experience. The area has small statues and features, and along the river are old motorbikes you can sit to admire a look back into the Camden area. Of course it is also a perfect place to stop eat. As I mentioned above, the food stalls are many and range in tastes from many cultures – Asian, South American, Middle Eastern and burgers if you desire.

I highly recommend one or more visits to Camden. The downside I guess is that there are a lot of people that visit and shop. I wasn’t paid to say that – but will happily take endorsements.

Next stop is Glasgow. More to come.

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